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Barrett was born 1983 in the Corpus Christi neighborhood of Hillcrest as an only child to a single mother, living in a full house with grandparents, uncles, aunts, and his great grandfather. Football would become the motivation to move when his uncle got drafted 3rd round to the Detroit Lions. It was then everyone got moved to North side Houston, TX in Greenspoint. It was Barrett's 5th grade year when the biggest blow of his life hit him; coming home to find out his mother was gone due to suicide. After high school Barrett made the decision to join the U.S. Marine Corps and serve 4 years in the military and a deployment to Iraq. Upon the end of his contract Barrett had enrolled into Full Sail Real World Education to get a more in depth understanding of music. Although the struggle can seem constant and there's so many temptations and obstacles keep pushing for your goals, and his album & mixtape "The Motivation" expresses just that.

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Wednesday 01.05.2011

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