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Ryan O' Cain




Ryan Michael O’Cain was born on February 16th 1983 in Elk City, Oklahoma.  He had an arduous life growing up having to face and cope with the divorce of his parents at the age of three, leaving his father to care for him as a single parent. By the age of fifteen, Ryan began living with his grandparents until he graduated Highschool. He now lives in Katy, TX with his adorable son, Tanner. Like his father, Ryan stepped up to the plate and is raising his son as a single parent. He looks to his son for his inspiration and motivation to do what he does in order to provide a better future for him, than he had for himself. Ryan’s life lessons and words of wisdom to his son and to the world can be heard through many of his songs, but one in particular that is dedicated to his son entitled, “Dear Tanner” can be heard on his upcoming album.Ryan is inspired by some of today’s most prominent and elite artists such as Eminem, T.I., Twista and so many more. His goals are for his story and music to be heard worldwide and to bring a diverse style to the hip hop industry. His motivation is to prove all the people wrong that told him he could never do this in his wildest dreams. “The doubters push me to unreachable limits.” May of 2010 is when Ryan took his dream a step further and signed with Kryptonite Records as a solo artist. Much more is to come, he advises you to stay tuned.


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