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Young Mook


Earl Wayne Chambers Jr., nicked named “Mookie” and “Mook” for short, was born Oct. 23, 1983, in Atlanta. When Mook was 4-years-old, he moved to England, where music became a large part of his life. Church music and Michael Jackson heavily influenced Mook, and he even stayed up late to mimic Jackson’s iconic dance moves in front of his older sister and mother. When Mook entered fifth grade, he moved to Waco, Texas, and learned about rappers Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Mook spent his summers with his cousins in Atlanta and Kentucky, and his love of rap continued to grow. At 13-years-old, Mook moved to Seoul, Korea, where his dad bought him his first CD player. Mook’s older sister encouraged him to buy the Bone Thugs N Harmony album “Est. 1999 Eternal.” From that day on, rap became a part of Mook’s life; it influenced the way he dressed and acted. “I use to walk around school campus in Korea with a bandana tied around my head like Tupac,” Mook says. “I started wearing flannel shirts like Bone. I wanted to be like them so bad.” Though basketball was his priority at the time, music was becoming a powerful force. Mook returned to Waco in ninth grade and became a member of Thug Mafia, a local rap group. However, the group quickly dissolved because of behavioral problems. Most members were either suspended or expelled from school, and because of Mook’s conduct, he wasn't allowed to play basketball. When Mook entered 11th grade, he decided to clean up his act. He made the high school basketball team, reconnected with teachers and earned straight A’s. Teachers who once ignored Mook now invited him to freestyle in front of their classrooms. After high school graduation, Mook tore every ligament in his right knee while playing in a summer basketball league. Without basketball, Mook felt as if his life was over and channeled those frustrations through rap. He was confined to his bed for three months, where he wrote songs and listened to music. Once Mook could walk again, the doctors said he wouldn't be able to fully play basketball again. Mook then went to a community college to study audio engineering and was in the studio every day. After recording mixed tapes, Mook released his first album, “Chambers Street: Take a Ride on My Block,” which was self-financed, locally distributed and well-received. Mook and two friends soon after moved to New York City but eventually pursued separate careers. Now Mook travels between Texas and New York City to work on his worldwide-debut album, “Pslams of a Hustla.” His singles “Head Rock” and “Take You There” are already in DJs’ rotations in multiple states. With Mook’s hard work and determination, he has hustled and grinded his way through the big city and is striving to make it to the top of the music industry. “All I’m asking for is a chance,” Mook says. “I can't sleep at night because music is on my mind. Wake up in the morning and its all I hear. My time is coming, even if you can't see it yet. I know God's not always there when you want Him, but He's always on time. With that said, I'm right where I need to be. I will make it.”

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