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 “I want to be able to look back and to see the impact I made on the world.”


Joe Bell aka Jayy Skyy who now resides in Houston, TX, was born on August 13th 1988 in Missouri City, TX. Skyy was raised with a family history of music and because of that, it is no surprise that he would be inspired by his father who also is an artist to express his creative genius as a rapper. At the age of twelve, he began to play around with music by writing and wrote his first rhyme; it was then that he discovered music was his calling. In 2002 he established a group called “Sickteam” whose members include, D.A., Scoota MANN and Nick Baker until 2009 when he met Supa Sammy Veal of Kryptonite Records and signed to his label.

RoseSkyy as many would come to know him as, was and still is inspired by his mom because of her strength for raising him as a single parent. Musically speaking, Jay-Z, Scarface and Z-Ro are a couple of artist just to name a few that have an influence on Skyy’s music. The ability to make money and to take care of his family and friends is what motivates him to write and to be lucrative in this business. He says, “I want to be able to look back and to see the impact I made on the world.” His music is for the fans that are like him, meaning those that can and will relate to him. He feels now days there aren’t enough that is being put out musically speaking that people can relate to and he hopes to change that one song at a time.

 In 2009, Sammy Veal III scoped Skyy and his group out at a performance and saw raw talent. He then met with him numerous times at different shows and private meetings, before Skyy made that decision to sign with Kryptonite Records. He now stands as a solo recording artist in the hopes of selling millions of records worldwide as well as becoming a billionaire!

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