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"See when I met Skyy in 9th grade, he had been rapping and was very proficient at the time. I felt like if I was going to do music with him, I had to get better and fast at that. To my surprise, it came effortless because I had the talent…. I just didn't know it at the time."



            DeShone DeBlaw also known as D.A. was born on September 24th of 1987. He grew up on the north side of   Houston, TX and is a young artist the world will soon know because he possesses skills that will not go unnoticed. Coming up in high school with fellow ABM SickTeam artists and his best friend JAYYSKYY, D.A. worked hard everyday to get better at becoming a skilled song-writer. He puts his irrefutable, lyrical attacks and catchy hooks in songs that seize the attention of his fans. With an immense production, his music is undeniably one of a kind. D.A. believes social commentary is important in his music. He says that, “Staying focused and working hard really does pay off, you just have to believe in yourself and keep at it despite the obstacles you may come across, I just want to thank GOD, my prayers were answered.” D.A. understands that some things or situations may not work out, but that he has to keep going. He is determined and is as focused as they come and won't let anyone stop him. Growing up listening to hip-hop, D.A was influenced by Jay-Z, 2pac, UGK, Biggie, Scarface, and Jadakiss and a few other artists, and like them, he wants to be considered eminent by continuing to work hard and by strengthening his competence in music. His motivation comes from seeing his family struggle and life itself, so he puts his outlook on things in his music whether it's about the streets or women, it doesn't matter, he will nonchalantly tell you how he feels about it. In 2009 he signed as an artist to Kryptonite Records label headed by Sammy Veal III also known as “Supa”. With Kryptonite Records holding him down, D.A. is ready to take his career to the next level and be amongst the elite.

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