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Ryan O' Cain

The Nite Show: Featuring Ryan O'Cain

Project Title- The Nite Show: Featuring Ryan O'Cain

- this project is my 1st album with numerous features and collaborations with various artists

- album is featured with songs ranging from personal life experiences to music that'll get your head bobbin

I want people and "fans especially" to know that the music I do and put my efforts into is genuinely from the heart and is performed with them definitely in mind. The fans make you successful and keep you successful. Without them and the good LORD above you don't stand a chance in making it in todays music business. "It goes back to the old business saying; the customer is always right....well this is a business and unless you keep the customer aka fan satisfied then you're kicking a dead horse" - REAL 101

My purpose and goal with the hip-hop genre is to make sure people know who I AM at all times and never mislead them with false lyrics, and to always give them ME! Music is a beautiful thing and to the fortunate ones who have the ability of expressing themselves through music, it is our duty to always give the viewer and fans the TRUTH! I want them to know they will ALWAYS get the REAL ME and nothing other than. Yeah we do music for the clubs and to get your head bobbin but also know that my life story will be known and never go untold

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