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October 2, 2011 Concert

This is the time we've all been waiting for! After bowing out as smash the mic champions, multiple wins at "I am the headliner." Kryptonite Records Inc has assembled an ensemble of greatness! 'The Nite To Remember! With the release of Supa's album the prescription and on the verge of completing the sequel in the Kryptonite series. We bring you a night you can not forget. With a live band, Supa talented opening acts and many uprising stars! Supa and friends will set the Ayva Center on fire! It's our first concert and because of that we are creating a movie out of the experience. We don't believe in just inviting anyone to our events! Quality over quantity! This is why this event is special invite only! You have two options for tickets. General admission for only $25 or Supa VIP for only $45! Supa VIP is very limited but also well worth it. The seating varies from stage side, private room or very special VIP behind stage with the stars. VIP will be catered and you will mingle with all of the performers before their performance! You get an extra $5 discount on any apparel you purchase at the venue. Exclusive parking and your very own entrance! Seating is limited but again very worth it! All access is different package with information upon request. Send all inquiries to kryptoniteprez@gmail.com...This will definitely be an entertaining, surprising and beautiful night for those on the list to attend! From Supa, "I thank you in advance! I believe in the art of customer care. I will give you my all and leave it on the stage. The time for a positive movement to come to the forefront is overdue! We are that movement. I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you in front of the stage and if you don't leave with your voice gone and tired, then I didn't do my job....this is what I do now, I'm going to do my job! Come prepared to have a blast with me and make sure we at least get a picture and I autograph something for you! It will be plenty to choose from! Thank you all and I love you already! Means the world to me."

Age requirements are 11+ The venue is not a club but there will be alcohol served responsibly! Valet parking available as well as organized seating for large parties. Anybody wearing any Kryptonite/ Supa apparel automatically gets a $5 refund at the door! This is a movie and we want it to look very good! Any other inquiries should be sent to kryptoniteprez@gmail.com. You will receive an reply within 6hrs guaranteed! Thank you again!

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